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National Bartender Staffing based in Los Angeles, California, provides bartenders, servers for hire and full bar services throughout S. California. Our focus is to make your event worry free. Contact us today to discuss the details.

Hiring a good bartender could make or break your event. Your bartender can be the life of the party, or the topic of bickering discussion. Luckily, there are bartending services to help.

Getting the right bartender is now easy through a bartending staffing service. With this service, you know you’ll be getting pre-trained, pre-screened and experienced mixologists. This won’t be there first time around the block, as a staffing agency ensures they only provide top quality talent for your events.

Hiring a good bartender makes for a great party and makes your job easier. Here’s how hiring through a bartending service will help you out:


You’ll Know How Much Booze To Buy

A bartending staffing service knows exactly what you’ll need, even before you do. They have helped arrange hundreds of events, and can let you know exactly what to expect far in advance.

Knowing what to provide your staff, and how much, will keep your guests happy and will also save you time and money.


Set Up & Clean Up

Hiring a good bartender means hiring a good helper. The right person for your event will make sure they take care of all necessary set up and clean up so that you don’t have to. After all, it’s their job to handle all things bar-related. Having someone who knows the full responsibility of manning a bar will ensure things are going smoothly.


Feel Like a Guest

It’s a wonderful feeling when you can feel like a guest at your own event. That’s what hiring a good bartender will do for you! After all, party hosts or guests should not be making their own drinks. With a professional mixologist, you’ll be freed up to make sure your event is going smoothly, but more importantly, you’ll allow yourself to actually enjoy the event.


Fancy Cocktails

A certified bartender knows how to make all types of drinks. If one of your guests is looking to try something they’ve never had before, you’ll have the right person for the job. By hiring your bartender through a staffing service, you’ll be hiring a professional that knows how to make the drinks that will have your guests smiling all night long.


Your Guests Will Be Impressed

Last but not least, hiring a good bartender will impress your guests. Not only will they be able to get any drink made that they can think of, they will be receiving impeccable service and a friendly smile from a professional. It will bring your event to a higher caliber, and leave your party being the one to remember.

After all, it’s never a bad thing to leave your guests impressed.

Don’t just hire anyone — hire a good bartender. Reach out today and get a quote to hire a bartender for your next event